Drug Delivery Special Interest Group

Mission Statement:

The Drug Delivery Special Interest Group has a focus on the science and technology of controlled release of active agents from delivery systems. Controlled drug release from biomaterial/active agent combinations is achieved by the use of diffusion, chemical reactions, dissolutions or osmosis, used either singly or in combination. Controlled release can also be achieved by the use of mechanical pumps. In addition to controlling the timing of release, controlled release technologies can control the site of action of the active agent, enabling specific release of an active agent by using pro-drugs, and molecularly or physically targeted micro- and nano-particulate systems. Relevant aspects of toxicology, bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, and biocompatibility are also included.


  1. Provide forums for presentations and exchange of knowledge at SFB through sponsoring symposia and sessions.
  2. Publicize member activities in the Biomaterials Forum.
  3. Provide career and professional development resources through networking and mentoring relationships to facilitate career transitions from graduate school to industrial and academic careers and beyond.
  4. Establish stronger interactions with members in the SIG, other SIGs, and other professional societies.