Tissue Engineering

Mission Statement:

The Tissue Engineering SIG is a forum to exchange information, further knowledge, and promote greater awareness regarding all aspects of the use of biomaterials to engineering tissue substitutes or to promote tissue regeneration. Of primary interest and relevance to the TE SIG is the use of appropriate materials (synthetic and natural) with cells (either native or from a donor source) and/or biological response modifiers (e.g., growth factors, cytokines and other recombinant products) to replace tissue and organ functions. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of materials to better incorporate, protect, and deliver both the cells and biological response modifiers to help promote healing and regenerative processes.


  1. Provide forums for presentations and exchange of knowledge at SFB through sponsoring symposia and sessions.
  2. Publicize activities in the Biomaterials Forum
  3. Forge interactions among basic scientists, applied scientists, engineers, clinicians, industrial members, professional societies in related fields, and regulatory groups in its efforts to expand and effectively utilize the shared knowledge base in this multidisciplinary field.
  4. Establish stronger interactions with members in the SIG, other SIGs, and other professional societies.

Social Media:

Join your Tissue Engineering SIG colleagues online! Connect with us here:

FACEBOOK: Society for Biomaterials - Tissue Engineering SIG

LINKEDIN: Tissue Engineering SIG subgroup of the Society for Biomaterials group


We welcome new members at all career stages who are interested in the intersection between biomaterials and tissue engineering!