Nanomaterials Special Interest Group


The mission of the Nanomaterials SIG is to advocate for and organize the exchange of ideas involving the unique science and technology present in biomaterials at the nanoscale. By focusing on science, the SIG will champion the continual push to uncover new knowledge at the nanoscale and connect this to macroscale properties and behaviors of biomaterials. Through its focus on technology, the SIG will foster innovative design and synthesis of nanobiomaterials useful in the creation of new and better devices, diagnostics and therapeutics for biomedical applications. The SIG emphasizes an interdisciplinary vision to facilitate the translation of nanomaterials to achieve intended biological significance and medical impact


Establish the NanoSIG to become a thought leader in the nanobiomaterials research community by emphasizing nanoscience discovery, nanotechnology application, and clinical translation innovation.


  1. Compile and disseminate a list properties and interactions relevant to biomaterials that exist at the nanoscale (but are absent in molecular or bulk states).
  2. Identify key issues in nanotoxicity and regulatory hurdles.
  3. Promote the design and development of bio-interactive nanomaterials that can respond to pathophysiological signals to achieve biological specificity in imaging diagnosis and therapy.
  4. Promote the integration of imaging with nanomaterials research to establish theranostic nanocomposite materials.
  5. Promote the translation of nanomaterials to medical implants and devices for better clinical performance.
  6. Promote the utilization of national nanotechnology centers by the biomaterials community.
  7. Foster the development and use of multiscale modeling in connecting nanoscale structures and phenomena with macroscale systems in biology and medicine.