Frequently Asked Questions

How many members do we need to form a Chapter?

To form a chapter, you must have 3 members that are current student members of the Society For Biomaterials, in addition to an advisor who is also a current SFB member.

What are the benefits of being a National Chapter?

Networking with your peers, an Industrial Student Chapter Mentor Program, and a Student Chapter Award Competition.

Who should apply for the STAR awards?

Any full-time student can apply for a STAR award. The only way to apply is by checking the STAR Award application box while submitting an abstract via the online system.

How are the national student officers appointed?

Elections are held just prior to each year’s Annual Meeting. Nominations are solicited from student SFB members and ballots are emailed to all current SFB student members. Election results are announced at the Student Business Meeting at the SFB Annual Meeting.

Who should we contact to apply for National Chapter status?

You may contact SFB Headquarters at or (856) 439-0826. Application forms can be found in the drop down box on the main student page under “How to Form a Chapter”.

Once registered, how long do we remain a student chapter?

Chapters remain active for a period of one year. Chapters not submitting updated contact information to SFB headquarters after one year will be considered inactive.

When is the best time to apply for student chapter status?

The earlier the better! SFB Membership is based on a calendar year – January 1- December 31, but new chapters can be formed at any time.

How do I submit my ideas for the next Annual Meeting?

Annual Meeting proposals are solicited from June to July of each year to allow sufficient time for program planning for the following year’s meeting. Proposals may be emailed to SFB Headquarters at