How to Form a Chapter

First, find three friends who are student members of the Society For Biomaterials and one faculty member who is an active member of the Society.

Then, write up a constitution which agrees with the National Student Section's objectives. A fill in the blank version is available below.

Next, elect or appoint officers according to your constitution and bylaws.

Finally, send a list of your officers, members, and faculty advisor along with a copy of your constitution and bylaws to the Society For Biomaterials Headquarters office  for approval by the Student Section Officers. Following approval, the chapter will be recognized as active.

National Student Chapter Objectives and Goals

  • to encourage the development, dissemination, integration, and utilization of knowledge in     biomaterials
  • to promote student research and education in biomaterials and related disciplines
  • to promote the advancement of biomaterials research and education and its related aspects
  • to futher the aims and objectives of the Society For Biomaterials as they relate to student research     and education
  • to identify students interest in biomaterials
  • to generate student and faculty interest and interaction in biomaterials
  • to aid the efficiency of students seeking research opportunities

New Student Chapter Application

SFB New Chapter Bylaws Guide