Biomaterial of the Month


Date: March 13, 2007


TheraGlassTheraGlass® is a novel bioactive glass produced by a unique sol-gel process. The material interacts with the body's tissues to stimulate cell growth and provide vital anti-bacterial, structural or regenerative proteins. TheraGlass® is non-toxic and is reabsorbed and excreted through the bodies natural metabolic processes. TheraGlass® can be provided as a solid or powder and can easily be combined with gels and sprays.

TheraGlassAdvanced Bio-Technologies Inc, under its exclusive license to the TheraGlass technology in dermatology, is formulating additional products that combine TheraGlass+Ag and Kelo-cote®.

Keto-cote®+TheraGlass+Ag initial products target burn injuries and incorporate Silver TheraGlass as a method of controlled delivery of bacteriocidal silver ions to the wound site. The products will be in the form of gels, sprays and dressings and are targeted to reach market during the second half of 2007.

TheraGlassTheraGlass® future products aim at combining its regenerative tissue properties with its ability to be a drug delivery device. Using the unique properties of TheraGlass® sustained release of ant-cancer chemotherapies and rH proteins are being developed for the next generation of drug eluting dressings, sprays and device coatings.

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