Biomaterial of the Month

Date: September, 2009


STAR® Biomaterials

STAR® Biomaterials are precision-engineered three-dimensional biomaterial scaffolds designed to heal around a medical device and promote acceptance in the body. STAR scaffolds can be produced using a variety of medical grade substrates – from non-degradable to fully biodegradable - to meet the needs of a specific device or application. For instance, substrates as diverse as silicone rubber and hyaluronic acid can be used to support a wide range of applications. The technology producing those materials was developed after years of dedicated research from Dr. Buddy Ratner and Dr. Andrew Marshall of the University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials group (UWEB). In 2007, Healionics Corporation was formed and obtained the exclusive, perpetual and global license for the flagship STAR biomaterial scaffold technology. Healionics recently announced that one of its STAR biomaterials was being used in a new product to treat glaucoma in dogs. The TR-ClarifEYE - built in conjunction with Chandler, Arizona-based TR-BioSurgical -- is described as a "glaucoma implant" that improves tissue integration.

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